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East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC)

EAMC Saves Time and Cuts Costs with FormFast’s Leading Form Design Technology & Services

This regional referral hospital has built a foundation that has helped them be known as Lee County’s second largest employer. However, prior to FormFast, their facilities had used electronic forms, but were not sold on their vendor. They not only wanted a simpler process for their users, but also one that was more attractive with more design and added user-friendly features. Simplifying the barcoding process and imprinting patient information has never been easier since making the change. The leaders of FormFast have helped this group save thousands of dollars and have implemented a system that requires little training. No program is perfect, but there is a trust between the employees at this medical center and with those integrating the software. They feel strongly that any issue can be solved in a timely fashion. It has turned out to be a story that continues to be written well into the future.

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