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We deliver the most scalable and cost-effective forms automation and eSignature solutions for healthcare.

  • EHR-integrated
  • eSignature
  • eConsent
  • Patient Intake
  • Digital Forms Library
  • Services
  • Downtime Registration
  • Automated Printing
  • Clinical Trial Consents
  • eSignature for Home Health

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Forms on Demand

With a digital forms library you will experience a simple and streamlined way to access and print forms from a browser, anywhere in the organization.

Patient Intake

Enable eSignature at patient intake, form completion on a tablet in the waiting room, or even remote registration from the patient’s home.


Do away with paper, clipboards and scanners – and allows staff to collect an eSignature from the patient at the bedside or during an appointment.

Truly Seamless Integration

Our greatest compliment is when healthcare staff tell us they didn’t even realize that Interlace Health was a separate system from their EHR. Our solutions are designed to fully integrate with your existing EHR, HIM, and other systems to create a seamless experience for patients and staff.

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Loved by healthcare professionals.
Yes, even physicians.

"Am I doing something wrong, because I'm completing all the pre-op form prep so quickly?"

Lisa ElmendorfLisa ElmendorfNurse

"Interlace Health is the perfect combination of patient safety and proper record keeping. Having barcoded patient identifiers on the forms is a game-changer. The forms are accurate, our records are accurate, and this all leads to better documentation of care and all-around better delivery of care."

Katie WoodKatie WoodAssistant Director of Information Systems

"Can you believe that Dr. Paddock signed his forms on his own?  He was able to log in without instruction, and understood the workflow."

Lauren KentLauren KentAmbulatory Network Informaticist



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