Epic EHR (EMR) Integration

Interlace Health and Epic share similar philosophies on developing incredibly useful custom software for healthcare, and implementing it with an on-site team to ensure it’s working as promised.

Any hospital that has the Epic experience will enjoy the same with Interlace Health. You will have two incredibly integrated systems that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Enhance Your Environment

Despite having a successful EHR implementation, healthcare organizations are often surprised to find that inefficient processes still linger.

Interlace Health is designed to complement and add functionality to Epic and is considered a key component in an organization’s Epic implementation.

Leverage Leading eSignature Capabilities

Interlace Health integrates with Epic systems to automate the patient consent process, collecting patient signatures electronically and applying them to Interlace Health eForms to create legally-signed, paperless documentation.

Whether at the bedside or in the patient’s home, the flexibility of e-signing via a smartphone or tablet with Interlace Health means you can obtain signatures when and where you want without relying on dedicated equipment, such as cumbersome tethered devices.

Automate and Pre-Populate Informed Consents from Epic

Interlace Health leverages HL7 and FHIR to seamlessly integrate with Epic to pre-populate Informed Consents that include patient data and information specific to the procedure. Electronically signed consents are stored as a PDF or TIFF file for easy, readable access.

Improve Pre-Registration Workflows

In most Epic organizations, enrollment occurs after the patient has had a visit or hospitalization. With Interlace Health, new patients, or patients without portal access, can still complete pre-registration forms prior to arriving for an appointment.

Documents completed by patients remotely, are instantly added to Epic and visible to the care team. This significantly streamlines the check-in and registration process on the patient’s day of service. With Interlace Health, admissions are accelerated and treatment is expedited.

Prepare for Downtime

Interlace Health provides Epic hospitals with a downtime registration solution that allows staff to capture patient information and print barcoded forms, wristbands, and labels on-demand when scheduled or unscheduled downtime occurs. Once the system is restored, the registration forms generated by Interlace Health can be instantly added to the EHR.

See how much better each day could be with Interlace Health

Our team is passionate about helping healthcare organizations smooth out processes that cause unnecessary busy work and adversely affect the patient experience.

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