Informed Consent

Interlace Health’s Informed Consent Solution does away with paper, clipboards and scanners – and allows staff to collect an eSignature from the patient at the bedside or during an appointment. The form is then instantly available to the care team, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Transform Your Consent Processes

Traditional paper-based consent processes are riddled with difficulties, and cause delays, compliance issues, and stress for staff. We’ve solved those issues for thousands of healthcare organizations.

Interlace Health’s Informed Consent Solution allows staff to gather an eSignature from the patient at bedside or during an appointment, and make the form instantly available to the care team, anywhere, anytime, on phone, tablet or laptop. There’s zero risk of this form getting lost in the shuffle. It’s there 100% at time of procedure.

Ensure each signed consent is instantly archived, immediately available, and never lost. 

The Interlace Health Difference

Achieve Your Goals

Our solution is EHR agnostic and provides:
• Customized implementation to meet process needs
• Seamless integration into current process & workflows
• Instant patient identification & form selection
• Automatic compliance
• Reduced staff burden & burnout

Key Features

• EHR agnostic
• HL7 & FHIR integration
• Discrete data capture
• Dynamic form fields
• ORM/ADT messaging
• Flexible Dashboards
• Barcode scanning
• Mobile UX
• Unlimited signature capture

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How it Works

Informed Consent by Interlace Health does away with paper, clipboards, scanners – and even electronic signature devices. Staff can quickly and easily select the correct form within the patient’s EHR, so it’s always accurate. Content can be standardized, and fields marked as required, reducing risk and ensuring compliance. The patient reads and signs the form on a tablet or computer, at the bedside or office.

Staff then self-signs the form and date-time stamps are automatically applied. The signed consent is archived into the EHR – making documentation instantly visible to the care team.

Never lose a consent form again!

Make your consenting processes more efficient and more reliable with an eConsent solution from Interlace Health.

  • Keeps all your consents up to date and accessible
  • Simplifies compliance
  • Improves patient experience
  • Keeps procedures on schedule

Our eConsent solution integrates with all EHRs and streamlines the process of capturing every eSignature your operation needs.


of surgical cases are delayed due to missing paper consent forms


of patients are missing paper consent forms on the day of surgery


in revenue on average is lost annually in a 500-bed hospital due to consent delays

Why it’s Better

Easier and More Accurate

Generate a consent leveraging ORM or ADT messages to avoid rekeying known information. Database lookup capabilities make finding the right consent fast and accurate.

Integrates with EHRs

Our solution integrates seamlessly with any EHR, making it feel like a part of the EHR experience for end-users. We have collaborated with every major EHR developer, and we are able to customize to fit any organization’s workflow.

Extreme Cost Savings

Most hospitals still use paper-based proceses for informed consent. This requires paper and printer ink, scanning, and staff time to manage it. A digital approach reduces costs and saves staff time.

Improved Patient Experience

Where paper forms and tethered mobile devices can make it difficult for patients to read and sign documents, our truly mobile capabilities provide an optimal signature experience for patients.

Customer Success Stories

“With the mobile consent solution, we can scan the patient’s wristband to get a positive match on the patient – ensuring we have the right consent for each procedure. We are seeing a time savings of 5-10 minutes for the completion of each consent form. Before implementing Interlace Health, our completed paper consents could take a few days to get archived into the patient record – now, it is instantaneous.”

Broadlawns Medical CenterTrent Lienau, Sr. Systems Analyst

“With Interlace Health, we are no longer losing consents. We are quickly capturing consent, and we have immediate access to them in our EHR.”

Conway Regional Medical CenterBecky McNespey, Applications Analyst

“We love the mobility of our consent process. All we need to do is scan the patient’s armband from the mobile device, and it takes you to the right document in the application. It makes for a quick and seamless interaction between the clinician and the patient, while promoting patient safety – as the arm band identifiers ensure we have the right information for the right patient, every time.”

Singing River Health SystemJanell Goff, RT(R), Information Systems Project Manager

“In the past, the nurses were doing all this pre-work for informed consent. Well now, the nurses are out of it. With the nurses out of the consent process, they’ve gained time back and our organization has gained efficiency there.”

Epic Based Health SystemHIM Manager, Finance Applications

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