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eConsent software

eConsent Software by Interlace Health does away with clipboards and allows staff to collect an eSignature from the patient at the bedside or during an appointment.

Forms are pre-populated with information from the patient’s EHR, so forms are correct, complete, compliant, and up-to-date.

On average, our customers are experiencing:

  • 10+ minutes saved per consent completed
  • 2-3 days faster archiving per consent



  • EHR integration
  • Integration of procedure data
  • Single sign-on
  • Clinic-to-hospital workflow
  • Multi-lingual consents
  • Customizable dashboard & reporting
  • Advanced physician sign features
  • Multiple signature types
  • Secure patient view mode
  • Patient & form lookup
  • Access to form & completion statuses
  • Cloud deployed web application

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How Interlace Health Informed Consent Software puts People Over Paperwork:

  • Alleviate staff stress: 25% of nurse time is spent on documentation, instead of patient care. We help focus on critical staff & make things easier for them.
  • Make room to scale: We help you generate & update forms faster.
  • Promote physician adoption: We address common physician barriers to new technology & adoption of eConsent.
  • Make it easy for IT: We create less work for your IT teams with our cloud-based solution.
  • Deliver patient’s a modern experience: Stop stressing your patients with outdated paper forms.
  • Ensure compliance: 500 organizations are cited for IC issues by the Joint Commission annually. Don’t get audited because you lost a piece of paper.

Explore the solution’s capabilities

Informed consent

eConsent removes wasted hours of pushing paper through the system. One of our customers was able to redeploy 4,914 hours of nurse time for improved utilization and enhanced patient care.

Mobile consent

Capturing consent signatures at the bedside with wristband scanning, the Interlace mobile app generates the right documents in seconds.

Clinical trial consent

Our end-to-end solution enables seamless workflows by letting you digitally consent a participant anywhere, any time, on any device.

How Consents Impact Your Organization


of informed consents are missing required information


of patients are missing paper consent forms on the day of surgery


organizations are cited for IC issues by the Joint Commission annually

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Yes, our solution allows you to collect patient signatures on multiple consent forms at the same timeAfter selecting a patient, all outstanding consents will be available and, when multiselected, will all load on to device for eSignature collection. The ability to include multiple procedures on one consent may be an option, depending on form and procedure configuration. 

During a time-out, the nurse or surgeon can access the signed patient consent form on any device in the OR, from the patient’s record in the EHR. The signed form can also be viewed directly in ILH’s solution.  Fields required for time-out process are automatically filled in from the EHR or are required to ensure that everything is complete and accurate.

Our consent forms are easily to build, update and maintain in our digital forms library. You can create consents for your entire organization in our system. You can maintain your own consents if desired. We help ensure all of your organization’s forms are all in one central forms repository, eliminating print centers, storage costs and obsolete forms. 

The Time to Upgrade Your Informed Consent Process is Now

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