Enhance the clinical trial experience for participants, research institutions, & sponsors

Interlace Health’s Clinical Trial Consent Solution provides the digital platform to collect and store consent of clinical trial participants and serves as a portal to access vital educational content needed to understand trial requirements.

Our end-to-end solution allows you to digitally consent a participant anywhere, any time, and on any device enabling seamless workflows for optimal outcomes and measurable ROI.

Managing the end-to-end informed consent process has never been easier or more effective. Our solution meets regulatory requirements and improves:

  • Engagement with participants
  • Education & understanding of participants
  • Timeliness of participant onboarding
  • Data quality
  • Staff workflows by reducing paper burden


Interlace Health’s Clinical Trial Consent solution integrates seamlessly with your EHR and clinical trial software and is customized to meet your remote or in-person consenting needs:

  • Content flexibility
  • Embedded educational links
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Remote consenting & re-consenting
  • Version management
  • Audit trails
  • Role-based access & security
  • Dashboard status management
  • Meets regulatory requirements

Key Features

  • Instant form assignment
  • Faster form completion
  • Trial-specific content
  • Enhanced education & understanding
  • Virtual participant signing
  • Prompt review & action
  • Robust dashboard management
  • Immediate archiving

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How it works

Interlace Health does away with paper, clipboards, scanners – and even in-person appointments. Staff can quickly and easily assign a participant to a trial, automatically generate required actions for them to take on any device – at home or in the clinic. The participants can review the consent, explore additional educational information, flag any questions they have, and review them with a staff member later.

The participant feels fully engaged and educated about the trial they are joining and can then sign the form electronically when they are ready. Date & time stamps are automatically applied and the completed consent is archived electronically in the location you choose. The consents meet 21CFR Part 11 requirements, and the entire process, including re-consenting, is easier than ever before.

Improve patient experience and understanding

A recent study found that with a paper consent, research participants recalled about 58% of the material in informed consent documents, while 75% recalled information accurately when viewed in an eConsent format.

Interlace Health aims to improve communication and clinical trial efficiency by presenting information in a more easily digestible format with the ability to add links to additional resources. This ensures participants are truly informed when making a decision to participate in a trial.

Ensure automatic archival and compliance

Interlace Health’s Clinical Trial Consent solution integrates seamlessly with your EHR and clinical trial software.

Never again have missing required information on a form, or lost/misfiled forms. Ensure all required fields are completed, and that participants have checked or initialed that they understand what they’re signing.

Signed consents are instantly archived, immediately available, and never lost.

Support remote clinical trials

COVID-19 created an even greater urgency for clinical trials to go virtual. The FDA recommends using electronic consents when possible during the pandemic, and to ensure data integrity.

As many researchers have moved clinical trials to a virtual format,  Interlace Health’s Clinical Trial Consent Solution safely provides information to participants remotely to continue trial enrollment during this unprecedented time of quarantines, travel restrictions, and restricted site visits.


of trial participants drop out due to lack of understanding


of studies take 2x longer than planned


minutes saved per consent completed with Interlace Health

Ready for a More Reliable Way to Consent Participants to Clinical Trials?

Informed participants = retained participants. Securing patient consent can be a barrier to clinical trial recruitment and retention. With 85% of studies failing to retain enough participants and an average dropout rate of 30% across trials, CROs and sponsors are searching for an efficient way to keep participants informed and engaged.

By increasing accessibility and enhancing participant understanding, it can improve clinical trial experiences for researchers, sponsors, and participants. Interlace Health’s Clinical Trial Consent Solution digitizes the process and eliminates paper consent, improving understanding and engagement, and ultimately accelerating and streamlining start-up times – leading to cost and time savings.

Why it’s better

Regulatory Compliance

Decreased risk and improved data quality

Participant Retention

Increase trial participation and outcome



Enhanced workflows and happier staff

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