Patient Intake

Interlace Health’s Patient Intake Solution solves the challenges of disparate systems and processes around patient intake, uniting them into one robust solution that creates a fast, fluid, and friendly registration experience for patients and staff. Let us help ensure the first step in the care journey is a positive one.

Transform Your Registration Process

Interlace Health’s Patient Intake Solution ties together all of your patient intake needs into one digital solution. Whether it’s a patient signature at registration, forms completion on a tablet in the waiting room, or on a patient’s phone from the comfort of home – we provide a simple and paperless platform to:

• Quickly and securely register patients
• Streamline operations
• Boost staff and patient satisfaction

Intersect the convenience patients want, with the data you need.

Open Your Digital Front Door

Our fully-cloud-based solution solves the challenges of disparate systems and processes, uniting them into one robust solution that enhances the registration experience.

Our flexible solution provides:
• Reduced patient wait times and frustrations
• Enhanced digital front door capabilities
• Support for telehealth with remote registration
• Seamless integration into current workflows
• Improved patient and staff experience

Key Features

  • EHR agnostic
  • Open architecture
  • HL7 and FHIR integration
  • Discrete data capture
  • Flexible forms
  • Mobile UX
  • Text messaging
  • Unlimited signature capture

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How it Works

Interlace Health integrates with your EHR or PM system and generates the appropriate forms for each patient. The patient completes the registration on a computer or tablet, either at home or on-site, and signs forms electronically. The eSignature is HIPAA compliant.

All patient data is then securely filed in your EHR and easily accessed. Interlace Health applies the bar codes electronically and can also print on a wristband if needed. This system virtually eliminates errors.

Driving Real Results

Interlace Health designed a Patient Intake Solution that ensures patients and staff are encounter-ready, every time. On average, our customers are experiencing:

  • 45 minutes saved by staff prior to appointment
  • 4% reduction in bad debt from pre-service collections


of patients consider switching providers for a better digital experience


of patients want to pay online


saved by nurses per patient prior to appointment

Instantly improve the patient experience

For returning patients, information in their EHR is automatically populated on their registration form, so they do not waste time providing information you already have on file. Our Guided Experience presents patients with questions relevant specifically to them and their condition, which drastically improves the completion rate. Patients feel like you value their time and you know and remember them from previous visits.

Accelerate revenue with pre-arrival co-pays

Allow patients to know and pay their co-pays or outstanding balances before they arrive. This feature alone is worth the transition alone, as it is proven to accelerate revenue and reduce staff time collecting it.

Promote zero-contact patient registration

A zero-contact patient registration process has gone from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a necessity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reducing wait times through remote registration can help support keeping communities safe.

Significantly reduce wait times and staff involvement

For new patients, pre-registration reduces the stress of trying to get to the appointment 15 minutes early to do paperwork, fumbling to find their insurance card, and experiencing an unexpected payment amount.

Why it’s Better


Integrates with existing EHR, payment service, email/texting platforms and approved mobile hardware.

Enhanced Operations

Providing patients with a more efficient way to complete admission forms leads to better clinical data and a greater percentage of patients who pre-register for treatment.

Manage Risk & Liability

Collecting data from patients in advance allows for preventative actions to be taken that can avoid surgery cancellations and/or rescheduling, which often present financial challenges and potential patient safety risks.

Overhead Cost

Immediately eliminate pre-printed forms and stop bleeding money on ink for forms printed in-office. There’s never waste from throwing out old forms when you make a change. It’s all electronic & safely stored in the cloud.

Customer Success Stories

“Pre-Registration has been a good selling point to both our staff and patients and the process as far as the workflow and build out has been flawless. We have reduced paper throughout the facility and having that connection outside of the hospital walls with patients, allows us to get them the right information, when they need it.”

Artesia General HospitalEric Jimenez, Director of Information Technology

“As a CFO, I see partnering with Interlace Health as a way to improve collections of patient balances and payments, by giving patients the opportunity to pre-register for treatment at home and to better understand their options prior to arrival.”

Metro Imaging, LLCChristine M Keefe, CPA, CMPE, Chief Financial Officer

“Pre-Registration is really the beginning of the revenue cycle. If the data is not entered correctly, it will cause errors and delays down the road. Interlace Health allows us to verify the data and capture as much accurate information as possible earlier in the revenue cycle process,”

Artesia General HospitalEric Jimenez, Director of Information Technology

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