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Interlace Health’s seamless MEDITECH integration offers forms and electronic signature solutions tailored for each of MEDITECH’s EHRs, including Magic, Client Server, Expanse, and the cloud-based MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS).

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Feature-Rich Integration

MEDITECH Alliance Innovator

Our engineers have partnered with MEDITECH’s engineers to develop seamless integration between services. Any healthcare organization using MEDITECH will be able to transform workflows effortlessly with Interlace Health solutions.

  • Application integration and automatic document archiving with MEDITECH

  • Mobile friendly user experience

  • Barcode scanning for accurate patient identification and automated form selection

  • Flexible form design includes dynamic pre-fill, drop-down menus, free text fields, dictation, check boxes, radio buttons, unlimited signature fields, and more

  • Automatic date and time stamps

  • Flag form types to integrate with MEDITECH features, such as Procedure Pass

  • Sign queue for any consents requiring additional signatures

Solutions for MEDITECH EHR Users

MEDITECH + Forms on Demand



Fast Form Design

Convert hundreds of paper forms into electronic format in days, not months.

Seamless Integration

Integration with MEDITECH enables pre-population of forms and storage of completed forms back into the patient record.

PatientID Barcode Support

Supports the generation and recognition of PatientID barcodes, including wristbands and labels, to identify the correct forms for patients and nurses and avoid indexing errors during scanning.

Downtime Forms Repository

Repository for accessing forms during planned and unplanned downtime, ensuring continuity of care and minimal disruption to operations.

MEDITECH + Patient Intake



“See What You Sign”

Enable patients to review and sign registration documents for clarity and accuracy.

Downtime Registration Application

Support patient intake during planned and unplanned downtime events.

Remote Patient Intake

Allows patients to complete forms prior to coming into the hospital or office. Ideal for new patients and patients who do not have a portal account.

Data Collection

Get the most information prior to visit; increasing collection of copays in advance of visit and reducing insurance denials.

“Interlace Health removes the paper chase we once experienced with our forms processes. It’s now a simple process for us to simultaneously collect clinician and patient signatures and send that information instantly to MEDITECH.”

Tammy MeansTelecommunications Specialist at King’s Daughters Medical Center | MEDITECH User

60% Decrease in Forms

Before implementing Interlace Health, KDMC had around 2,500 forms. By optimizing and streamlining their forms processes with Interlace Health, they were able to decrease the number of forms by 60%.

How to Get Started with our MEDITECH Integration

Get started with our MEDITECH Integration today! Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration tailored to your needs. Don’t wait; enhance your healthcare delivery with our specialized support.

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