Connecting Care: eForms for Home Health

Interlace Health helps you eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional paper forms and create a fully electronic workflow for your home-based patients. Whether it’s the initial admissions packet, recertification forms or physician authorization – we provide a seamless document management workflow that integrates with your EHR. Designed specifically for home health agencies, our cutting-edge solution revolutionizes the way you handle and process essential documents.

  • Seamless integration into current workflows
  • Improved security & compliance
  • Create efficient allocation of resources
  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Eliminate paper processing & communication delays
  • CMS-485
  • Patient rights and responsibilities
  • Consent for care and authorization
  • Authorization for exchange of public information
  • Beneficiary collected Home Health transfer
  • Notice of Medicare non-coverage (NOMNC, CMS-R-131)
  • Health information
  • Health transfer
  • Photography
  • Home Infusion
  • Recertification forms with version tracking
  • Any custom forms your organization needs

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Embrace better document management

Interlace Health delivers a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for paper-based signatures and printing, scanning, archiving & shredding forms.

  • Time & cost savings
  • Effortless eSignatures
  • Fully remote access
  • Customizable workflows
  • User-friendly interface

Why it’s better:

Interlace Health has been providing solutions that solve healthcare workflow challenges for 30+ years. We transform the forms process, creating an experience that takes your staff’s focus off the paperwork and puts it where it should be – on the patient.

  • EHR agnostic
  • Open architecture
  • Discrete data capture
  • Flexible forms
  • Mobile UX
  • Unlimited signature capture

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create & manage an unlimited number of forms in our eSignature for home health solution.

Yes, we support digital forms and eSignature for any use patient case.

Our solution can support any number of offices or locations and staff can customize the dashboard based on their location preferences.

Yes, our solution allows you to text and email forms to the patient family to complete on any device.

Yes, this is a great feature especially if you have tele health visits or need forms to be delivered to POA

Any browser enabled device including laptops, tablets, smart phones.

Yes, our cloud-based solution requires access to WIFI

The form is immediately available in the patient’s chart or other archived locations for anyone at the agency to access.

Each end user (staff or patient) is authenticated prior to having access to forms. Access is set by user.

Yes, you can set up triggered activities in your dashboard to ensure that every form is completed when it is required

Yes, our solution allows for version control for easy management during surveys.

Yes, all signed forms are automatically archived to the digital location of your choosing.

Yes, once forms are complete they can be viewed, printed, downloaded and emailed at any time.

Yes, you can create custom workflows that will ensure specific forms are countersigned by the right parties before being archived.

Yes, a customized staff dashboard will be created to monitor forms status by patient.

Yes any supporting documents can be captured using the camera on the device and those documents will archive with the signed forms.

Yes any browser-based device can be used with a guided experience to complete forms quickly & easily.

Yes, our solution can make this process easier because our managed services team can monitor updates to the state forms and ensure your agency is using the right forms and the right process at all times.

Yes you can require any number of fields. You can also set new fields to appear based on the selections chosen

Yes, with access to WIFI, you can easily add or remove forms from the patient’s queue.

Yes, we support any language that your forms are written in.

Exceptional Support

Interlace Health has over 1,500 healthcare customers that have embraced the future of document management. Our customer success team works to understand your unique needs and ensure a successful implementation.

Long-standing client partnership success

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