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What looks like a “forms problem” in your healthcare organization is more likely a process problem. Improving the form itself, without addressing staff workflows, patient interaction, and data exchange, is unlikely to solve the issues and may keep your organization from achieving its objectives.

Improve Your Processes and Transform Workflows

The data you capture in one form is securely stored in the patient’s EHR, and that information appears automatically on all relevant forms, across other platforms, and is instantly accessible to the entire care team.

Our forms can be automatically populated with stored data, so patients don’t have to waste time filling in information that’s already in the system. We digitize forms and simplify the processes around them, saving significant time and money, freeing up staff, and improving the patient experience.

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Forms on Demand Solutions by Interlace Health

Downtime Solutions

Never let a downtime event disrupt clinical workflows. EHR downtime happens, for scheduled maintenance or an unexpected issue. Either way, we built contingencies into our processes so you can continue gathering clinical data, gathering signatures and consents, without risk of clerical errors.

eSignature Solutions

All Interlace Health forms are designed to use an electronic signature, which eliminates the need for paper forms and scanning. Patients can sign on a tablet or other writable device, completing a document that is legal, and automatically stored in the EHR. These are ideal for Informed Consent or any document that requires a legal signature.

Electronic Forms Design

Electronic Forms by Interlace Health serve your organization far beyond information gathering. They integrate patient information into your EHR and make it instantly usable across multiple platforms. They dramatically increase accuracy and virtually eliminate the possibility of staff using outdated forms. The value is far greater than paper forms with a cost that is significantly less.

Reduce your paper footprint!

Our digital forms library standardizes your forms across departments to ensure everyone is always using the most current version of every form.

  • Sharply reduces overall number of forms
  • Saves your staff time looking for the right form
  • Pre-populates forms straight from your EHR

Forms on Demand streamlines forms processes throughout your organization, to save your staff time, ensure data quality and get rid of all those unnecessary forms.

Why it’s Better

Automate Processes

Forms collect, share, and file information in EHRs making patient data instantly usable and accessible with no manual entry.

Improve Accuracy

Forms are digitally imprinted with unique document and patient information for proper archiving and patient identification.

Reduce Costs

Eliminates the need for pre-printed paper forms including printing, management, storage, and waste expenses.

Decrease Risk

Eliminates the need for pre-printed paper forms including printing, management, storage, and waste expenses.

Improved Standardization

Forms have same appearance across the enterprise.

Customer Success Stories

“Our Interlace Health trainer did a wonderful job of first getting us set up. Our users were quick to adopt Interlace Health due to the immediate process improvements they saw.”

Duncan Regional HospitalVanessa McPherson, Systems Analyst

“People like Interlace Health because it’s evolutionary. You’re not changing documents, (but) you’re completely automating your system.”

Capital Region Medical Center Cerise Seifert, R.N., Clinical Application Supervisor

“It was a natural fit after our past success with Interlace Health to expand the use of the technology to our clinics. Interlace Health is the perfect combination of patient safety and proper record keeping. Having barcoded patient identifiers on the forms is a game-changer. The forms are accurate, our records are accurate, and this all leads to better documentation of care and all-around better delivery of care.”

War Memorial Hospital Katie Wood, Assistant Director of Information Systems

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Our team is passionate about helping healthcare organizations smooth out processes that cause unnecessary busy work and adversely affect the patient experience.

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