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HLTH 2022 Recap: 3 Takeaways from Interlace Health

Learn more about Interlace Health's Director of Product Management, Dessiree Paoli's first-hand experience at the HLTH22 conference at the Venetian Expo. Read her 3 key takeaways from the healthcare event and watch a video recap of her experience.

Interlace Health Cowboys up for a Great Cause: Franklin, TN Rodeo

In 1949, Franklin Noon Rotary Club hosted their first rodeo in Franklin, Tennessee. Nearly 72 years later it is the largest rodeo in the state. After a two-year break, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the rodeo returned in 2022. Interlace Health was honored to be along for the ride as a 2022 event sponsor.

The Clinical Trial Evolution: Unlocking Technology’s Value in a Post-Pandemic World

When it comes to technology in clinical trials, it is obvious that what was once novel, is now mainstream. As sponsors and CROs look to embrace decentralized solutions, it’s imperative that they carefully consider which technologies will help them scale and grow for the future. During COVID-19, eConsent functionality went from being an optional add-on to a feature that CROs and sponsors considered essential.

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