EHR downtime solutions

We built reliable, staff-compliant downtime solutions into our system, so you experience zero workflow interruption during EHR maintenance or unexpected downtime. We’ve designed a virtually flawless process that goes from digital to paper, then back to digital, without any of the inherent errors or delays of traditional systems.

Downtime Solutions by Interlace Health

Interlace Health provides seamless solutions for Downtime at Registration and Downtime for Clinical Documentation enabling healthcare organizations to ensure continuity of care. Use the same forms in Downtime, avoiding confusion or errors. The embedded bar codes ensure the right forms are stored with the right patient file once the downtime period ends. Interlace Health’s unique forms conversion tool allows you to have all your clinical forms available not just registration forms.

Downtime – whether planned or unplanned – means “go to paper” until the system is back up. Traditional paper-based downtime processes lead to costly liability issues including mislabeling, improper patient identification, and a general delay in care. Even with a plan in place, over 40% of the time, staff doesn’t follow the organization’s downtime procedures.

How It Works

Our system is designed to allow staff to continue to admit patients when the HIS system is down, and print forms, barcodes and wristbands. Staff can even access physician order sets on your web browser. For planned downtime, simply print packets of essential forms ahead of time.

All forms generated with Downtime Solutions by Interlace Health are easily archived back into the system when it’s up again. You don’t lose information or communication, and never need to disrupt patient care.

Downtime for Registration

  • Electronic intake of registration information outside of EHR/registration system​ can be printed for manual reentry into EHR once the system is back up OR utilize HL7 to send back to EHR as your organization/EHR allows​.
  • Auto print registration forms, armbands and labels WITH barcodes for PPID and accurate scan back to EHR​, eliminating patient ID errors.
  • Continue to populate patient info on forms for on-demand printing.

Downtime for Clinical Documentation

  • Have access to paper forms for clinical documentation to ensure continuity of care during the EHR down​time.
  • Get a single source of truth for most up-to-date forms at downtime​.
  • Ensure accurate scanning back to EHR​ with barcodes.

Why it’s Better

Easier for Staff

Staff compliance with Interlace Health downtime procedures is virtually automatic, as doing it correctly is the easiest path to follow.

Integrates with EHRs

Even our paper alternative downtime system uses the data from EHRs, and uses the same forms to avoid confusion. Barcodes virtually eliminate patient ID errors when transferring data back into the system.

Reduce Liability

Our system closes the gap for human error when transitioning from digital to paper and back to digital. Patient care won’t be delayed and records remain accurate throughout downtime situations.

Improved Patient Experience

Patient may not experience any negative effect of downtime, other than reverting to a paper form.

See how much better each day could be with Interlace Health Solutions

Our team is passionate about helping healthcare organizations smooth out processes that cause unnecessary busy work and adversely affect the patient experience.

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