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Every successful partnership with Interlace Health begins with mutual trust, a clear purpose, and proper expectations. Working alongside your team, our healthcare and technology experts take the time to understand your business and the problems you need to solve.

Your initial implementation is just the beginning. As your needs change and digital solutions evolve, we are here to help.

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In the trenches with you

Our close relationships with more than 1,200 diverse healthcare organizations have given us a unique and comprehensive understanding of healthcare workflows—how doctors, nurses, and staff interact with each other and with their patients.

Several members of our team have worked in healthcare settings. Their experience gives us real-world information on how hospitals create, manage, store, and retrieve documents. We pour that insight and experience into developing more practical, efficient solutions.

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How We Help

Project implementation

Our primary objective is to ensure your solution is implemented on schedule, with quality, and within scope and budget. One critical component of accomplishing this is maintaining a high-performing team that can hit the ground running at the start of each engagement. This includes a dedicated group of PMP-certified project managers, form designers, and solution consultants.

We follow a proven Implementation Methodology that is customized to meet specific customer needs and optimally manage projects and ensure success. Each phase produces key deliverables that help you analyze, document, and guide your organization throughout the project.

Managed Services Woman on Computer Managed form service

Managed services

This program is designed to supplement your current use of Interlace Health, increasing value, and allowing your staff to focus on strategic priorities.

  • Managed form services: Our team of form design specialists can take the burden off your staff by converting, designing, and managing all forms for our clients.
  • Managed application services: We ensure your Interlace Health solution(s) are continually optimized by maintaining, enhancing, and managing your applications to increase business performance.

Professional services

We are here to manage and support your organization’s individual needs as they relate to your Interlace Health solution(s) and forms. Our goal is to help your team see immediate business value and realize long-term results, by tailoring offerings based on what your team needs. Our professional service offerings include form design, consultations, EHR migrations, server migrations, training software consultations, and software upgrades.

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Optimization Services Woman on computer remote consultation


Our technical assessment services work to ensure optimal performance across your environment and the opportunity to consider Interlace Health best practices. Either through remote or on-site consultation, we can review where things stand now and provide recommendations in line with your current and future needs.


Form Designer 101 Training is an instructor-led course that takes participants through all steps in the creation electronic forms. This event provides instruction oriented toward producing successful Form Designers. Scheduled as a 1-day event, the training is a remote webinar-style session for multiple participants at a time.

Interlace Health provides our Core Solution Training, pertinent to your implemented solutions, to give your Interlace Health Administrator the knowledge foundation they need to effectively troubleshoot, manage, and even expand the Interlace Health software.

We work closely with different department super-users or direct end-users to listen to how they are using the software today, challenges/struggles they have, etc. to provide on-the-spot training and best-practices guidance on how our solutions could be used differently or more effectively for their needs.

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Your first 365 days with Interlace Health

We have a dedicated group of project managers, form designers, and implementation consultants assigned to each customer throughout the implementation lifecycle.

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A look at the implementation life cycle

Interlace Health provides a hands-on partnership and support during every step of the implementation process.

The full 360 on customer success

At Interlace Health, we aim to meet or exceed clients’ expectations as they achieve their strategic goals and desired outcomes.

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