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Our Electronic Forms serve your organization far beyond information gathering. They integrate patient information into your EHR and make it instantly usable across multiple platforms.

They also instantly eliminate the mountains of paper to buy and store, and ensure that everyone is using the correct forms, and that the forms used are specific to each area’s needs.

Electronic form design by Interlace Health

Interlace Health makes it easy to convert your organization’s existing paper forms into highly functional electronic forms, so you can continue collecting, storing and tracking the same information, with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Paper forms cannot keep up with the changing needs of a healthcare organization. Virtually every change in a paper form creates a new cost for printing, waste from tossing outdated forms, and risk of staff inadvertently using the wrong forms.

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How it works

Anytime a form needs to be updated for any reason, it’s updated in one place and accessible to all departments who need it. You never have some areas of your organization using outdated versions of the same form. You never have to throw away outdated forms, because the only forms available are the current and correct ones.

You can also customize or create specific forms for whole departments or for specific doctors. You can create as many custom forms as your organization needs without having to file hundreds of forms.

Why it’s better

Easier for staff

Staff never have to print, scan, file or keep track of blank forms. The current form for each purpose is the only one available in the system, so they always know the form they pick is correct.

Reduce overhead

The hard costs of paper and printing is tremendous, and much of that is wasted. With Electronic Forms Design by Interlace Health, the vast majority of those costs are eliminated, and form waste is cut to zero, saving your organization potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Reduced liability

There’s virtually zero chance that staff gives a patient an outdated form. Only the latest form is accessible.

See how much better each day could be with Interlace Health Solutions

Our team is passionate about helping healthcare organizations smooth out processes that cause unnecessary busy work and adversely affect the patient experience.

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