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When forms requiring signatures are entrusted to paper-reliant systems, the risk of those documents becoming lost, misfiled, unavailable, or scanned improperly is significant.


Transform Your Signature Processes

All Interlace Health forms are designed to use an electronic signature, which eliminates the need for paper forms and scanning. Patients can sign on a tablet or other writable device, completing a document that is legal, and automatically stored in your EHR. These are ideal for Informed Consent or any document that requires a legal signature.

eSignature Solutions by Interlace Health

Our electronic signature solution uses biometric technology, which uses the patient’s unique physiological behaviors as a form of identity. Interlace Health Electronic Signature provides an advanced level of security that can reduce your legal exposure.

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How it Works

eSignature for Patient Intake

Consent forms are then displayed on a tablet making it easy for patients to read and understand what they are required to sign – and can sign them on the same device. The signature is displayed on the form in real time, giving the patient confidence that their consent is being properly recorded.

Interlace Health then sends the document to the electronic medical record or archiving system, along with the data necessary to place the document in the proper archive location.

eSignature for Informed Consent

When using eSignature with our integrated eForms library solution, staff can display forms for patient consent on-demand. Information from the HIS system is passed to the Interlace Health system, displaying an active patient list and a list of approved forms. Staff simply choose a patient, a form or group of forms, and click the sign button to produce a packet of electronic forms to be e-signed, complete with patient demographics digitally imprinted.

Once the electronic forms have been signed, they are instantly archived in the EMR, eliminating the need for manual scanning by hospital staff. This ensures signed documents are immediately present in the correct location in the patient record, improving compliance.

Forms are auto-generated for each patient

We automate the generation of documents for patient signature by analyzing patient information sent from the registration system via an ADT or print stream connection. Interlace Health eForms are selected and grouped based on pre-defined logic and imprinted with patient-specific demographic information.

System creates an accurate, legally-signed document

Our system also supports multiple types of annotation, including checkboxes and fillable fields, as part of the electronic signature solution. Once the documents are electronically signed, Interlace Health marries the signature and other annotations to the form image, creating a legally signed electronic document.

Works on multiple platforms and devices

eSignature by Interlace Health supports a variety of mobile devices, including both Apple and Windows platforms, via HTML5 support. Due to the portability and light weight of these devices, mobile eSignature allows patient signatures to be collected on a tablet at the bedside in a way that is more comfortable for the patient than other methods.

Gather legally binding eSignatures on any form,
and they can never be misfiled, inaccessible or lost.

Why it’s Better

Easier for Staff

Staff never have to print, scan or file documents requiring signatures, nor do they ever need to search for a signed form. They don’t need to roll in a big monitor on a cart and deal with an unwieldy signature device. The signature is collected on a tablet or other mobile device, and stored in the patient’s EHR.

Better for Patients

Patients are more comfortable being able to read a form and sign it on the same device. It can then be sent to them via email, so they have their own record of it.

Reduce Liability

There’s virtually zero chance that a signed document is lost or unaccounted for at time of procedure or audit. It lives in the patient EHR and is accessible to the care team on any device.

Customer Success Stories

“We use the barcodes for transcription. It allows us to electronically archive records and is helping us manage our documents. We wanted legible and easy-to-read forms. We wanted to save time printing admissions packets with all the data. We wanted our pharmacy, lab, HIS, and materials management data to all be usable. We wanted one system that could handle all these demands. Interlace Health was our answer.”

Hayward Area Memorial HospitalPatti Patefield, R.N., Clinical Systems Analyst and former Director of Nursing

“I really appreciate the personal connection I have with Interlace Health. Even though they are in a different state, I feel like they are right down the hall. They are always available to answer questions at anytime. I have developed a close relationship with my forms designer and the rest of the team at Interlace Health over my four years at the hospital. They’ll catch things that I may have missed and they know my work habits and style.”

Riverside Community HospitalGayle Snow, HIPAA Assistant

“We just had so many forms, and achieving our goal meant we needed to make all of them available electronically. The simple fact was that we would have a form and everyone would just continue to make copies, and copies of copies. It just brought down the quality and look of the form. It literally would get to the point that forms were simply too illegible to read and use.”

The HSC Pediatric CenterStephanie Gray, Director of HIM

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