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MUSE Inspire 2023

June 7 – 10  |  Denver, CO  |  Booth  #206

MEDITECH Alliance Innovator

Any healthcare organization using MEDITECH will be able to enhance workflows effortlessly with Interlace Health. eConsentPatient Intake, and Forms On-Demand processes are transformed with Interlace Health.

Enhance Your MEDITECH Environment with Interlace Health:

  • Leverage leading eSignature capabilities
  • Automate and pre-populate Informed Consents from MEDITECH
  • Improve Pre-Registration Workflows
  • Prepare for Downtime
  • Print Checks

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Interlace Health Takes the Stage

Elevating Forms Management: How to Streamline Process & Enhance Compliance

Friday, June 9 @ 9:20 a.m. | 40 minutes

We’ll share knowledge and best practices from forms experts in this in-depth session. The current state of patient forms management is full of challenges and compliance issues, and many hospitals don’t know where to start.

Learning objectives:

  • How to improve the governance process and organizational structure related to forms management.
  • How to create a charter and forms committee.
  • How to develop a standard request process and form structure/layout.
  • How a digital forms library and eSignature process can eliminate many challenges

Kaylee Dobbins, RHIT; Manager of HIM/PFS, Amberwell Atchison
Dessiree Paoli, Director of Product Marketing, Interlace Health

New Platform, New User Experience: Forms Automation for Your Staff

Friday, June 9 @ 1:20 p.m. | 40 minutes

Many hospitals and health systems have been navigating 2023 facing familiar challenges – staffing shortages, rising costs, and integration demands. But this year, we have seen a growing momentum for hospitals to solve old problems with new solutions. We saw the need for this too.

We want to share the new ways we are helping you solve old problems: missing forms, delayed procedures, stressed staff, and lost revenue. In this session, you will learn:

  • How one healthcare system hospital saved nearly 50 FTEs
  • What paper-based informed consents really cost your organization
  • How our new Informed Consent Nova solution makes it easier

Dessiree Paoli, Director of Product Marketing, Interlace Health
Ann Hill, Solution Architect, Interlace Health

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MUSEO? What’s that? MUSEO – like a “Bingo Lottery” – uses a game card to allow conference attendees to collect stickers and win prizes. Interlace is a proud participant in this year’s game –be sure to swing by booth #206 for a sticker on your game card, to learn more about Interlace Health, and grab one of our great giveaways!

About Interlace Health

For 30 years, we’ve pioneered eForms, eSignature, and Workflow technology that helps healthcare organizations focus on people not paperwork. As interactions among patients, staff, and providers are elevated, organizations experience improved compliance, operational efficiency, and achieve better care outcomes.

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