On-Demand Webinar: Building the Future of Patient Rooms

In this webinar:

Hospitals that incorporate smart technology have the power to transform their operations, staff efficiency, and patient experience. One of the first steps in bringing a smart hospital to life, is to focus on the technologies used in patient rooms. With the rise in advances in video, AI, audio, wearables, tablet devices, and more, the patient’s door is now open to promote a truly connected clinical ecosystem that involves the patient in their care journey more than ever. Transforming patient rooms into “smart rooms” enable real-time data collection via digital technologies that are fully automated, integrated, and streamlined.

In this online event, we teamed up with other future-thinking technology providers who share our vision of creating a better care experience for patients, staff, and providers through connected, patient-centric technology. We provide insight that will help your healthcare organization establish the foundation for an effective smart patient room.

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