On-Demand Webinar: Key Healthcare Technology Insights for 2023

In this webinar:

As we kick off 2023, we anticipate several key themes and trends will shape the healthcare industry. While healthcare leaders will still face challenges when it comes to staffing and financial constraints, strategic approaches to engaging patients and exploring new technologies can help leaders move the needle on advancing patient care.

Watch this webinar to hear two of Interlace Health’s industry experts share what they expect to be healthcare’s biggest trends in the new year and beyond.

Panelists include:
Dessiree Paoli, Director of Product Marketing at Interlace Health
Dessiree attended eight leading healthcare technology conferences this year as an exhibitor, attendee, and as a presenter – giving her the opportunity to meet with many healthcare leaders and gain exposure to several organizations on the front lines of technology innovation.

Christopher Link, Research and Insights Manager at Interlace Health
In Christopher’s role at Interlace Health, he is dedicated to following market trends, pivots, and challenges. Through conversations with customers and other healthcare industry experts, he has an excellent pulse on the state of the industry.

Key Topics:

  1. What healthcare executives have been talking about recently and what’s keeping them up at night
  2. What is Interlace Health most excited about in 2023
  3. Expectations for key topics heading into 2023 industry events (ViVE, HIMSS, MUSE, etc.)
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