On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Secure Online Forms: End the Era of Downloading, Printing, & Faxing!

In this webinar:

Health systems have several tasks that are still paper and fax intensive, such as requests for medical Records, referrals to the health system, and new patient packets. In addition to completing these forms via phone call or fax, many systems have “upgraded” to adding these forms to their website. Here’s the problem: patients and/ or providers must download, complete (often by hand), print, and then fax or scan these forms—a laborious process that leads to delays and frustrating communication hurdles.

Interlace Health offers a better way to capture this information and collect signatures with our new Secure Online Forms capability. This easy-to-use extension of our forms management solution allows these forms to be embedded within your website in minutes. Completed forms are routed to the right location and then queued up for next steps in the process.

In this webinar, hear directly from our Product Team and gain insights into various use cases, including the streamlined admission process for emergency department patients. Say goodbye to outdated information-sharing methods and embrace the future of hassle-free form submission.

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