Mitigating Burn-Out in the COVID-19 Era: Creating a Digital-First Environment


Date: Wednesday, October 21st, 2020
Time: 1:00pm CST
Presenters: Dessiree Paoli and Ann Hill


The COVID-19 pandemic both exacerbates the pre-existing causes of burnout among clinicians and staff members, and adds its own stressors. As the pandemic prevails, mitigating physician burnout and improving patient care is a top priority.

Burn-out is ignited by frustrations with paperwork, electronic health records, and other distractions from patient care. One of the easiest flames to fan when it comes to burn-out is the elimination of paperwork and system burdens. Surprisingly, 41% of hospitals and health systems still use paper at patient registration and 75% still use paper informed consents – even though they have been using an EHR for nearly 10 years. This can create an overwhelming weight on your entire system, and your staff.

COVID-19 has forced organizations to pivot to prioritize digital-first strategies to meet new guidelines and care demands. These digital processes help meet long-standing patient expectations for integrated digital touchpoints in all aspects of their care, while easing “paperwork” burdens placed on clinicians and staff.

In this webinar, we will follow one patient throughout her experience within a health system exploring the benefits a digitized process brings to staff members, clinicians, and patients throughout the care continuum:

• Create a zero touch environment that drastically reduces wait times
• Generate informed consents automatically and digitally archive them instantly, eliminating costly delays
• Easily support remote clinical trials and capture consents in telehealth visits

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