On-Demand Webinar: 3 Ways eConsent Helps Overcome Staff Shortages

In this webinar:

The vast majority of health system leaders (85%) said staffing challenges would have a major impact on their strategy for 2023.

Your existing staff is likely under extreme strain. Don’t leave them drowning in a sea of paperwork! One way hospitals and health systems can survive is by identifying technology that can be easily implemented into current workflows to save their staff time. Technology such as eConsent.

Making your consent process digital lets your valuable staff members focus on patient care instead of tracking down lost consent forms and processing paperwork.

This webinar teaches you how to make eConsent a reality for your organization. We discuss:

  • Why sticking to the paper-based status quo in healthcare is no longer an option
  • 3 real-world scenarios where eConsent is a game changer
  • How to convince your leadership to make the change

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