Texas Consent Form Management Solution

About this data sheet:

Struggling to keep up with changes to Texas consent form regulations? Interlace Health has expanded our Managed Form Service Offering to include a managed database of Texas-approved consent forms (List A & List B procedures) that seamlessly integrate with our eConsent platform to ensure that any consent form used for care conforms to state requirements.

The key benefits of this managed service are:

  • Dedicated team and process to ensure compliance with state regulations
  • Integrated List A / List B procedure database updated and provided within state required timeframe
  • Convert paper consents to digital format
  • Make form design changes as needed
  • Divert clinical resources to patient care

For 30+ years, Interlace Health has been providing solutions that streamline workflows. Managing updates to state regulated consent forms in Texas is challenging and time consuming. That combined with limited staffing resources and increasing compliance demands can put unnecessary stress on staff. Let Interlace Health relieve this burden.

About our eConsent Solution:
eConsent by Interlace Health does away with paper, clipboards and scanners – and allows staff to collect an eSignature from the patient at the bedside or during an appointment. The form is then instantly available to the care team, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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