On-Demand Webinar: [Customer Panel] From Registration to the Bedside: Two Hospitals Driving Real Results with eForms Technology

In this webinar:

When it comes to everyday processes like patient intake and informed consent, healthcare organizations can lose valuable time and risk quality in patient care if these document-intensive processes are not efficient and meeting the expectations of today’s patient.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from two different Interlace Health customers that have implemented our solutions in different areas of the hospital. While their use of Interlace Health solutions may look different – their results are the same: increased efficiency, improved staff and patient experience, and streamlined processes.

Watch this webinar to hear what worked for them, what did not work so well, and what they wish they would have done differently. You’ll also hear about their benefits of moving to a digital process.

Key topics discussed:

  1. Judy Schmieder shares how St. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital expanded their use of Interlace Health post-Covid to pre-registration. Discover how the hospital has decreased registration times and doubled patient engagement.
  2. Rachel Aul highlights how Akron Children’s Hospital has benefitted from removing paper from consent processes. She shares lessons learned in change management and adoption of a new solution, and the hospital’s plan to further optimize workflows throughout.
  3. Discover how one hospital system is saving 50 FTEs by implementing eSignature at Registration.

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