On-Demand Webinar: How Healthy Is Your Registration Process?

In this webinar:

At the beginning of the care journey, registration needs to be as simple as possible for everyone involved. The reality is registration is often known as one of the most tedious – and even frustrating – steps in healthcare.

Short-staffed registration desks operating with manual, outdated paper-based processes can trigger a domino effect of poor outcomes—from a negative patient experience, to strained staff to major impacts on revenue. With 18% of workers having quit since the pandemic began and another 12% getting laid off, healthcare leaders are looking for new ways to eliminate resource strains and improve processes – and fast.

Thanks to the power of eSignature and remote patient intake technology, long waiting room times and lengthy paper forms on clipboards can be a thing of the past.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the current state of Patient Intake and how small process changes are making a big impact at leading health systems.

Learning objective ideas:

  1. How understaffed registration desks are affecting patient experience
  2. Why eSignature is changing the game during Patient Intake
  3. Discover how one hospital system is saving 50 FTEs by implementing eSignature at Registration
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