On-Demand Webinar: Managed Services – How 3 Healthcare Organizations are Really Doing More with Less

In this webinar:

It’s no surprise that healthcare organizations today are faced with lack of resources, budget, and competing priorities. The need to balance focus between core strategic initiatives along with day-to-day support and maintenance has never been more present.

With Interlace Health, your implementation is just the beginning. Our managed services team is here to fit the needs of your technical teams and your business, maximize your investment in our technology, and minimize staff stress.

In this webinar you will get the opportunity to learn about Interlace Health’s biggest differentiator: our people. Our services team is at the forefront our relationships with our 1,200 diverse healthcare organizations that have given us a unique and comprehensive understanding of healthcare workflows—how doctors, nurses, and staff interact with each other and with their patients.

Key topics to be discussed:

  1. Doing more with less: Explore 3 Use Cases from 3 Hospitals Leveraging Managed Services
  2. Implementation Best Practices
  3. How to identify the right services for your staff’s needs
  4. Ensuring ongoing success through Customer Success Management

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