On-Demand Webinar: CIO Chat at HIMSS23: Solutions to Address Today’s Top Tech Challenges

In this webinar:

Several key themes and trends have shifted the healthcare industry’s focus the past few years, driving hospital executives to turn to digital solutions to address rising challenges. The CIOs we have worked with this past year have shared some strategies with us. Staffing shortages, rising costs, and interoperability demands have been at the forefront of those conversations.

At HIMSS23 in Chicago, we got the unique opportunity to capture insight directly from two healthcare executives, Eric Gasser, Vice President, Information Systems and Chief Information Officer at Wooster Community Hospital System; and Michael Burke, Assistant Vice President of Information Systems at Valley Health System. Watch our webinar to hear directly from these two healthcare leaders on strategic approaches to engaging patients, automating workflows, and improving interoperability.

Interlace Health’s Dessiree Paoli leads the conversation focused on:

  • Managing staffing shortages
  • Prioritizing amid rising costs
  • Navigating Interoperability demands


  • Michael Burke, Assistant Vice President, Information Systems, Valley Health System
  • Eric Gasser, Vice President, Information Systems/CIO, Wooster Community Hospital System

Dessiree Paoli, Director, Product Marketing, Interlace Health

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