Patient Intake

Be in Compliance and Ready for Audit

Patient Intake Solutions by Interlace Health has built-in compliance safeguards to automate protocols and ensure  you have the proper information on file, ready to go in case of an audit. This system means less worry about busy staff overlooking important data collection and storage. It all becomes part of the process.


Electronic Processes Avoid Errors

Paper forms, even when scanned into an EHR, are ripe for errors. Paper can get lost, handwriting can be illegible, scanning can be incomplete, and documents can be misfiled. Interlace Health electronic processes were designed to virtually eliminate paper-related errors.

EHR Integration

Interlace Health fully integrates with your EHR so all forms generate from your patient records and are stored there, leaving no chance for documents to be lost or misfiled.

Assurance of Correct Forms and Data

Interlace Health Visit-Type logic ensures that correct forms are generated according to the type of patient visit. Forms are set up with specific required fields that will prevent incomplete forms from being submitted. This eliminates incorrect forms and incomplete data.

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