Patient Intake

Accelerate Revenue Cycles

Interlace Health takes the pressure off staff to ask for co-pays and past-due balances, and integrates it into the system, making it automated and more comfortable for the patient. Our system has proven to substantially accelerate revenue.


Automated Payment Requests

Interlace Health Patient Intake Solutions will automatically request payment upon registration each and every time, eliminating the need for staff to make the request.

Credit Cards Stored

Interlace Health can save patients’ credit card info, allowing them to make future payments with a simple click.

Correct Claims Submitted

Interlace Health provides correct information to insurance so payments are not held up due to errors.

Delays Avoided

Issues that delay or prevent patient care can be avoided.

Insurance Card Capture

With patient insurance card information stored in the system, pre-certifications become known in advance, as well as network status.

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