Patient Intake

Improved Patient Access

Patient Intake Solutions by Interlace Health keeps patients better connected to providers and enhances their experience on every visit.


Efficient Intake

Forms are pre-filled with known patient information, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming task of completing contact info and medical history. The patient needs only to confirm, and add any new information.

Eliminate Bottleneck at Registration

With more efficient forms and the ability to complete registration off-site before visits, patients are not delayed at the registration desk.

Potential Issues Noted Sooner

With off-site patient intake, both patient and staff can be aware of any potential issues before the visit, such as past-due balance, referral requirement, or more information about the patient’s health condition.

Reduce Data Entry Errors

Patients enter their personal information directly, rather than a staff member, which ensures name, social security number, and other personal info is entered correctly.

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